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Getting Started

There are basically two ways for communication of JavaView and webMathematica:
  1. Call JavaView from an MSP script

    Here you do not need any knowledge of Java. You just use the additional webMathematica command MSPJavaView, i.e.

    <%Mathlet MSPJavaView[Plot3D[Sin[x*y],{x,0,10}, {y,0,10}]] %>

    This gives you the possibility to use JavaView as a viewer for Mathematica Plot or Animations (cp. examples Plotting Graphics and Generate Animation) and you can use pre-made JavaView projects (cp Polyhedron Explorer).

    Additional information:
    A simple MSP script using MSPJavaView
    How to include the additional webMathematica command MSPJavaView into your MSP.m file.

  2. Communicate with a Mathematica server from a JavaView applet.

    For people with a little knowledge in Java this should be the preferred way, because this gives you more possibilities and is more convenient. For example, you can load a new Mathematica plot without reloading the hole page.

    Additional information:
    There is a tutorial on how to use the JavaView class library.
    To get the sources of the examples on this page, send me an email.

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